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Dan-Alexandru Sitaru

Law Office - Bucharest, Romania

Bld. Ion Ionescu de la Brad, nr. 5,
Et. 3, Ap. 10, Sector 1

tel: +40 744 355 586
fax: +40 212 305 450

Dan-Alexandru Sitaru

Law office

Inveniam Viam Legalem aut Faciam

We find the legal way or conceive it

About us

Academic and Professional Tradition

”Dan Alexandru Sitaru” Law Firm seeks to find direct and properly documented legal solutions to the benefit of our clients. The path which we follow has the main advantage of close relationship between practice and theory that stimulates innovation and provides solid legal answers to the complex issues we face every day.

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Our services

How we can help our clients

Our work aims to protect our clients’ interests, develop existing and new strategies and defend our clients’ rights in court or before any authority or third parties, namely to find legal and economic solutions which efficiently meet specific needs.



If you want to become a member of our team, whether you want to learn or you already have the necessary experience and believe in the same values, you may contact us for the opportunity of joining our team.

You may send your details at the following email address:


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We answer questions related to any legal issue with professionalism and encourage you to email us by using the following form. Your message is a priority for us.


Tel: tel: +40 744 355 586
fax: +40 212 305 450

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